Roof-top Solar Panels
Why Green?
Green Building Definition: A comprehensive approach to the design, land use, construction, and long-term operation of a home

Green Building is High Performance Building.  We are committed to delivering the highest home efficiency available with respect to design and budget

Whether you plan to raise your family here, retire, or simply relocate in a few years, the value built into a High Efficiency home will be retained. 

The comfort you give yourself and your family through enhanced air quality alone makes our homes better.  We are talking about serious energy savings, our homes may qualify for EEM (energy efficient mortgages) through lenders who recognize that our homes have a fraction of the operation costs, allowing homeowners to invest in advanced systems up front.
Why Now? Good question.
  • Enhanced Comfort and reliability
  • Reduced fuel dependancy
  • Rising fuel costs
  • Responsible living
  • All for just a fraction more of Construction Costs