Energy Star 'blower door' test
  • Overall Scope recommendations based on real and potential budget(s).
  • Optimum Energy Efficient selections through performance and prescriptive path.
  • National Green Building Standard for new construction.
  • Green Building Definitions and Explanation.
  • Green Building Rating system explained.
  • Recommended selection for current install or future install of renewable technologies.
  • Experience in designing and building near net zero structures.
  • Optimum site orientation for passive solar and current or future solar thermal or PV.
  • Sustainability in site and building planning.
  • Local supply and resource recommendations.
Cold Studs
Sips eliminate the heat loss from thermal bridging through the studs which is normally experienced. This thermal bridging dramatically undermines the overall efficiency of a wall. You can see the difference between the two houses on this thermal imaging camera. The lighter areas are the warmest and you can see the stud frame skeleton on the inside.
Cold Stud Wall
Warm SIPS Home